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E-Bike Basics

Learn what an e-bike/e-moped is, why you should consider riding one, and myths that need debunking

Common Questions

Have questions about our designs. Here’s a list of some of the most commonly requested.



Electric Bikes with Lighter motors, frames, wheels, and batteries make these bikes a great choice for more traditional cyclists. You can choose between folding and rigid frame designs.


This series of electric bikes combine an ultra smooth ride and a high powered motor that you can set for slow or high speed riding.


With 4″ wide fat tires and a 750 Watt motor, the electric bikes let you explore places you never could on a regular bike. Choose between folding or rigid frame designs.


35mph, full suspension, room for two, and two different frame styles to pick from! These designs are no longer considered electric bikes and fall into the moped category. They also come with VIN’s and all DOT safety features.


  • Road Tires
  • 250 Watt Motors
  • 20 mph
  • 10ah Battery: 30+ Mile Range


Hybrid Frame



($88/Month with Klarna)

18 Month Terms


Hybrid Frame


($88/Month with Klarna)

18 Month Terms


  • 750 Watts of Exploration Power
  • 26″ Fat Tires with Disk Brake
  • Motorcycle Headlight and Styling
  • 20mph standard mode
  • 25mph Turbo Mode
  • 30+ Mile Range




($95/Month with Klarna)

18 Month Terms



($95/Month with Klarna)

18 Month Terms


  • 4″ Wide Fat Tires
  • 750 Watts of Exploration Power. 
  • 20mph standard mode
  • 25mph Turbo Mode
  • 30+ Mile Range


Mountain Bike Frame


($100/Month with Klarna)

18 Month Terms


  • Fully  Registrable within all State Guidelines
  • 2hp of Exploration Power
    • (1.5kw Nominal/2.4kw Peak)
  • Top Speed: 30 mph+ Legal Moped Limit


$3,195 $2,895 

Batch 3 Pre-Order Sale
Shipping Estimate: Late July/Early August 2021

($85/Month with Klarna)

36 Month Terms

What is
an e-bike?

It’s a new type of hybrid vehicle that combines a rider’s pedal power and an electric motor. Riders have the ability to adjust the electric power output from 100%  (requiring no pedaling), 0% (rider gets no assistance), and everything in between. 

Why Ride an 


Besides being a ton of fun to ride, there are many practical reasons to ride an electric bike:

  • They’re ideal for commuting and running errands. Riders don’t have to worry about arriving a sweaty mess, can travel faster, and can ride farther.
  • Recovering from hip/knee surgeries and trying to find an accessible physical therapy
  • Want to carry cargo? An e-bike can help offset the weight through power assist
  • Fun! Did we mention FUN! They are addicting to ride and we promise you’ll be out riding more than you ever thought.

"E-bikes are Cheating And
damage trails"

The studies are in: You get the same level of exercise as a regular bike. You’ll just be traveling faster and can go on a longer distance ride. Studies also continue to prove that they are no more damaging than regular bicycles. E-bikes also have strict speed and power limits that remove them from the category of “motorized vehicle.” Here are a few articles to read:


Most frequent questions and answers

Most of our battery suppliers rate their products for 800-1,000 charge cycles. On a bike that gets about 30-40 miles per charge, that’s about 30,000 miles

We ship anywhere in the lower 48 states of the USA. Outside of the United States? Please send us an email and we will work with you to set up a shipment.

Spark offers a one year warranty on all components except tires and brake pads. Have an issue beyond the 1 year mark? We are here to help, just call or email to speak to an engineer

This is one of the most difficult questions because there are so many factors. On average, we have designed our bikes to output about 30-40miles of range. The variation is a result of rider weight, terrain, and power settings

Older Model?

Have an older model that you need help with? Maybe you need a new battery, have a broken component, or bought a used bike and have questions? We’re here to help!

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