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Battery Blender

In Collaboration with DATEx Company

Safely add a 2nd battery to any electric bike


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While it may sound simple, adding a second battery to your ebike is a major challenge. Connecting them in parallel can be is EXTREMELY dangerous. If the batteries aren’t charged exactly the same you risk permeant damage that is not repairable.

The Battery Blender solves this: You can now combine any two batteries of 1)different chemistries 2) different voltages 3)different outputs. The device will manage everything and protect your ride. 

When using two different voltages, the Blender will “burn” charge from the higher voltage battery first, then engage the 2nd battery when within the lower voltage battery’s charge. As a result, it is important to turn off the higher voltage battery when it gets to a low level! 

For example: If you combine a 52V and 48V Battery, the Blender will accept charge from the 52V only, until 54V is reached. From there, both batteries will output until 43V together. After 43V, only the 48V will be able to put out charge until 40V is reached. As a result, we recommend manually turning off your 52V if it does not have an intelligent BMS.



The most obvious reason to add a second battery is for riding distance. Depending on the battery you add, you could increase range by 50% up to 200%




The Battery Blender’s innovative electronics allow you to access higher voltage outputs for longer when combining two batteries. As a result, you will achieve higher average speeds, more efficient outputs, and higher torque for longer

Inside Look

Check out this great video from the legendary, Shreddie Mcskate! He came to visit us during the development process and got to see an inside look.


The two batteries you want to combine, and your ebike’s controller’s input, must all use XT60 connectors. If they do not, you must adapt them.



Connection Type: XT60 Connectors

Amperage Rating: 35amp

Input Voltage Ratings: 36-52Volt

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