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Retail Opportunities

with Spark

Why add Spark to your Lineup?


Low Upfront Costs and 

high commission

Getting started only requires the purchase of 1 Bandit at wholesale price. This bike will serve as your test model or can be sold.

Wholesale discounts start at 20%, an industry high in the moped/motorcycle category. Common commissions average about $800+ per bike.

We permit shops to add additional assembly fees to their final price.

Free Marketing Supplies

We will send you a free marketing kit with your first bike. This includes a portable pop up sign, handouts, stickers, and more. You can use these at your shop or any events you attend.

Drop Ship System

You can use your first Bandit as the test model for customers to try out. From there, customers can spec a bike to their exact needs and the bike can either be shipped to their house or to your shop. 

Large Upsell Potential

The Bandit was designed to be easily customized at time of purchase or afterwards.

Example: A customer could purchase a base model, then decide they want a dual battery in the future. You can order the dual battery kit from us and install it for your customer in less than 15 minutes. 

Example: A customer may want different shocks or headlight. We have designed the bike to use standard motorcycle components to make this extremely easy.

Easy Purchasing

No “Vendor Portals.” We simply issue you a discount code. This code can then be used on our website to purchase product. Shops then complete the customer’s transaction using their own processing system.


Email us today: info@sparkcycleworks.com

Include some information about your shop and plans for adding our products. We look forward to hearing from you!

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