Test Lab

Design, Collaborate, Experiment


Our team is constantly innovating. Every once in a while, our engineers will cook up something special to show off. Sometimes, these special projects are even for sale!

Current SPark.x PROJECTS

Project Snow Squatch (Jan 20′)

We got forecast that the first snow of the year was upon us. So we took one of our Mountaineers, added an additional 1000Watt front motor, and went out. Along the way, we ran into a new friend and gave him a lift back to the shop.

Project Himalaya (Dec 19′)

This custom build of our Mountaineer series was created with exploration in mind. With custom matte green paint, rear racks, panniers, and new grips/lights, this project was built for exploring.

Project Scorpio (Nov 19′)

There’s never a dull moment when you ride Scorpio. This prototype utilizes our Bandit ebike frame and swaps out the 500Watt motor for a 1500Watt rear and 1,000 front. The motors are independently controlled by two throttles in order to improve handling and low speed control. It will be released in Spring 2020