Design Collaboration Series

Spark has built a community with international bike designers, manufacturers, and artists to foster innovation in the electric bike industry. All products under the SPARK.x insignia highlight this effort.

SPark.x Lab

We open our test lab every Friday and Saturday to visitors. Come by for free Willoughby’s coffee, test ride all the bikes, and ask our engineers any questions you may have. We keep a select inventory of bikes on hand ready for purchase. If stock is low, we will arrange free assembled delivery to anywhere in Connecticut


Rethinking Bike Design

The SPARK.x Team works with creative individuals and companies to bring new and unique products to the electric bike world. Whether it’s collaborating with an up-and-coming graphic designer to make a custom helmet run or working with a manufacturer to develop a completely new bike design. Our goal is to push the community and collaborate with innovators within the industry

SpARK.X Collaborations

Yunbike is one of the most famous manufacturers of electric bikes in China. Their innovative C1 and Mini series changed the industry with their single speed, lightweight design. We have been proud to bring two of their bikes to the USA. Take a look at the FIREFLY and ORIGAMI today!