Rental Fleets : Launching 2020
Adding electric bikes to your rental program
doesn't have to be hard. Work with us to get
up to speed, increase profits, and reduce downtime

Why Buying from Alibaba is a Bad Idea...

You could go online right now and seen companies on Alibaba/eBay that offer ebikes for $600. Doing more research you would find there’s about $200+ in shipping fees, $200+ in port/hazmat fees, and don’t forget that 25% additional tariff. You’ll also need Hazmat certifications to ship the bikes, which is a few hundred dollars and requires online classes. That mediocre $600 bike is over $1,200 and you would be buying from a company that doe not have USA support! If you decided to go ahead with the purchase, you would find out that payment terms were 100% in advance and the shipment could take 3-4 months from payment to day of delivery.


We’re located in Connecticut, have spare parts ready to ship, and have engineers on hand to answer any questions. Support is our #1 priority above everything else.

Trusted Design

Our company supplies the general public with designs we’ve put years into perfecting. When you buy from Spark, you using a design trusted around the country.


We know you probably have a special color in mind, want long range batteries, or something else special. Don’t worry, we can help you!

Our Three Design Options



Fat Tire Beach Cruiser

Uses Universal Battery to Folding eBike Design

Prefer a more traditional bike? Our fat tire beach cruiser is a blast to ride, looks cool, and puts a smile on everyone's face. The fat tires are great on sand and reduce the chance of liability issues for business owners. The step-through frame makes it easy for anyone to jump on and go for ride.

Big Foot


Folding Fat Tire

Uses Universal Battery to Beach Cruiser

There's no getting away from the weight of ebike batteries. They rarely fit on a standard car rack and can create a challenge to transport. We decided a folding bike would be a great option for some rental fleets. It can fit into a standard car seat, and takes up less storage space when done for the season



35 MPH 2 Person MoPED

Better than Scooters

KEY TAKEAWAY: New riders are bad at estimating battery life. If you are thinking about using electric scooters instead, please reconsider. Our electric mopeds have pedals and are geared so that anyone can pedal them back if they run out of charge! Plus, they have an eye catching design and are a blast to ride.

Spare Parts


  • Getting Replacement Batteries doesn't have to be a headache. We've designed our bikes to use standard "silver fish" style batteries. Buy them on our site, Amazon Prime, and even Ebay. This universal design was chosen with our customers in mind.

All Other Parts

  • We use standard bicycle parts on everthing. You can buy the parts from us or get them from your local bike shop. Our goal has been to make your life as easy as possible and reduce any downtime caused by repair needs.

Get a Full Overview Brochure!

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Address 67-5 North Branford Road, Branford, CT


Every customer gets assigned a Spark team Support member

It can be a daunting task to figure out purchasing 50-100 ebikes for your business. Fortunately, we are here to help and love doing so! You’ll get paired up with one of our engineers and we’ll make sure the bikes match your needs


You can keep your design simple or add features to reduce cost or add features that give you a competitive advantage. We can install USB phone chargers, racks, lights, bigger battery banks, and much more.

Special Packages

Chances are, you’re going to need more than just the electric bikes to get started. As a result, we offer helmets, locks, cargo trailers, and other accessories to increase opportunities for profitability. 

Our Process

Initial Planning

You’ll get assigned one of our team members to help plan out quantities, model selection, and special feature requests. Most projects will require a 30% deposit/70% upon shipment.

We Build and Ship

Depending on your requirements, we will ship from our USA HQ or our overseas partners. We recommend planning for a 6-8 week lead time. We handle all of the logistics and file all paperwork!

Bike Assembly

There’s two options: 1) You can assemble all of the bikes yourself 2) We can do it for you. That’s right, we have optional assembly services to make sure your fleet gets assembled perfectly