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Dual Motor Kit Created for

Commercial Applications Involving Trailer Pulling



Designed for one thing: PULLING CARGO. If you are a business interested in a compact electric vehicle for tasks like pulling heavy trailers, converting a 20″ fat tire ebike to dual motors can be a great choice. It’s additional front motor boost torque at low speeds and is great for commercial applications.

The Scorpio Kit is not recommended for standard consumer level riders. The dual motor provides torque gains between 0-10mph (critical levels for trailer pulling). Above that speed, the rear motor is used as a primary. If you are a standard consumer, we highly recommend staying with the standard Bandit and consider the dual battery kit. The dual battery kit provides double range and a small speed increase.


Out Of Stock

Production Time: 3-5 Days from Order

Who We Designed it for

We created the Scorpio kit for commercial applications. The dual motor system is ideal for pulling heavy trailers. The front motor supplies double the torque up until about 15 mph.

If you are not pulling heavy trailers, we highly recommend our Nomad dual battery kit. The Scorpio kit does not improve top speed or improve range. It is purely a torque boost at low speed. The Nomad kit supplies double range and top speed gains



The main goal with two motors is a torque increase, improving acceleration. Running two motors doubles your acceleration and is ideal for cargo applications.

What's Included?

 48V 13.5ah Battery

Custom Bracket and integrated controller

Throttle system

750watt Front motor

Inside Look

Check out this great video from the legendary, Shreddie Mcskate! He came to visit us during the development process and got to see an inside look.

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