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The JaVelin

In development since 2022, the Javelin is a radical new concept in frame building technology. While the Bandit’s frames are manufactured outside the USA, the Javelin is being designed to be 100% built in house at our North Branford facility. The additional costs associated with building in the USA has pushed our team to develop these new techniques.

Project Timeline

Proof of Concept

January 2022


The team tests out custom electronics on an old ebike

Prototype 1

April 2022


A first attempt at making a laser cut steel frame is made

Prototype 2

October 2022


Javelin was updated to a full suspension concept

Live Testing

Feb 2023 


Prototype 2 was  tested an event called Flat Out Friday

Preproduction Sample

October 2023


An initial sample is created, the design is tweaked

Founders Bikes

Dec-Jan 2023 


A production run of 3-5 bikes will be created based on the preproduction sample. Customers of these bikes will agree to a research program and supply Spark with data. This data will help finalize the large scale production bike

Full Production

March-April 2023 


Following the field research period, the design will be finalized. It will then fully launch in the early spring of 2024

Prototype 2


The Javelin will be far more powerful, have a larger battery, and be made in the USA. This will all have a significant effect on the bike’s price.

Do you want to carry cargo or a 2nd passenger? The Javelin will not do that.

Do you want pedals and be a ebike? The Javelin will not be one.

Are you ending the Bandit?! No, the Bandit has many more years to come.

Prototype 2

WHAt Javelin is NOT

It is not an ebike and will not have pedals

It is intended to have a single seat

It is not a dirt bike

It is not for novice riders

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