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Project JaVelin

In development since 2021, Project Javelin is a radical new concept in frame building technology. While the Bandit’s frames are manufactured outside the USA, the Javelin is being designed to be 100% built in house at our North Branford Facility. The additional costs associated with building in the USA has pushed our team to develop these new technuiques.

Project Timeline

Proof of Concept

January 2022

Prototype 1

April 2022

Prototype 2

October 2022

Beta Bikes

(A series of Beta Bikes will be manufactured and real world tested for a minimum of 3 months)

Initial Production

Supply Chain Finalized and Manufacturing Facility Constructed

Full Scale Production


Prototype 1

Design GOALS

To develop an electric motorbike with the intention of establishing a sub 45mph/3,000 watt racing league

Provide full legitimate VINs under the scooter category 

100 mile range under standard conditions, not theoretical

Prototype 2


Spark currently has no defined launch window for the bike

Do you like customization? The Bandit is great for that, the Javelin will not be.

Do you want to carry cargo or a 2nd passenger? The Javelin will not do that.

Do you want pedals and be a ebike? The Javelin will not be one.

Are you ending the Bandit?! No, the Bandit has many more years to come.

Prototype 2

WHAt Javelin is NOT

It is not an ebike/ will not have pedals

It is not a motorcycle/ require motorcycle license

It will be designed as a single seat

It will not be a dirt bike

It will not be for novice riders

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United States

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