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Our team began working on the Bandit in 2018. From the start, our goal was to create a full speed moped, but we understood there was still alot to learn. As a result, we released the first version as a rigid frame ebike that was limited to 20mph. As we progressed, we utilized one of these rigid frames to build a high speed version to test out electronics and get some community feedback.

– Spark Team

Test Riding the Prototype

While COVID-19 has led to serious production delays, we’ve still been able to take some test rides. This is a quick clip of the prototype build. Important notes: We are using two motors right now to simulate torque and power demands. The final design will utilize a single, completely custom motor built for us. We are considering a front wheel motor option and would love to hear if that’s of interest to you. The final design will look fairly different and will more closely follow the drawing above.

– Spark Team

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