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Basic User and Safety Manual

So you’ve purchased a Spark Cycleworks bike? Great! This short guide will help you learn the in’s and out’s of operating your spark e-bike properly and safely!

To start, make sure all mechanisms of the bike are in functioning order. This includes checking tire pressure, checking that the chain is aligned with the gears correctly, and the gear system is function. It’s also good to test your brakes and be sure they are functioning properly. As with traditional bikes, all Spark Cycleworks Bikes are equipped with cable break. These can be adjusted for the users preference. After these checks are complete ensure you Battery is fully charged and plugged in. Each Spark Cycleworks Bike is different in how their batteries are attached and setup. See your user manual for your bike for a more specific breakdown on your bikes battery. Next, we’ll turn the bike on and ensure the motor is supplying power to the bike. To do this, we turn our attention to the controller that you will find mounted to the handle bars. As with the battery, these controllers can vary from bike to bike, but they all have the same basic design. They consist of a small screen, with some buttons directly next to the screen. Most have a power button. A simple press of this will switch the bike on and off. Once you’ve ensured the bike is powering on, it is set to ride. If you bike is equipped with a throttle, you will now be getting power to the back wheel if using the throttle. Not all spark bikes are equipped with a throttle. The next check is in regards to the peddle assist feature that all Spark Cycleworks Bikes are equipped with. This feature will supply a powered boost from the electric motor while you peddle, on a power scale of 1-5. The power and speed of the boost you get while peddling scales up with each power level you increase. To adjust your power level, simply use the arrow buttons you’ll find on your controller. Always be aware of the peddle assist, especially when the bike is stationary. On some models, the peddle assist kicks in as soon as the peddles start to turn. This means that if the peddles are engaged the boost will kick in, and this can be jarring to both new riders and those unaware of the feature.  Always be aware of this feature when riding your Spark Cycleworks E-bike, even if on a lower power mode. ALWAYS wear a helmet while operating your Spark Cycleworks E-bike

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