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The Bandit is not categorized as an electric bike, it is legally a moped. It was developed to be the first fully registrable, electric moped in all 50 USA states. We’ve worked hard to follow all guidelines, produce VIN’s, and offer a motor that is twice the power of any 750 watt Ebike. 


2hp Rating

2,000 Watt Nominal

2,500 Watt Peak


15-20mph: 50-80 miles

20-35mph: 30-50 miles

35mph+: 25-30 miles


20-35mph: 30-50mphi

35mph+: 25-30 mph30mph+: 20-25 mi




203mm disk


35-40 mph

Depending on State Guidelines and Rider Weight


300 LB


87lb with Battery

60 w/o Battery



Inverted Suspension Fork


3.5″ Full Color Display


Headlight: 12V 2600lm

Rear Light: 12volt


60 tooth


20″ X 4″

Customizable Features

  • Add a 2nd Battery for more range!
  • 12 Volt Headlights (compatible with all motorcycle headlight designs)
  • Standard rear motorcycle shocks (interchangeable with hundreds of other designs)
  • Standard handlebars, grips, pedals, 



Front View

  • Dual LED 12V Headlights (12V is the motorcycle standard) 
  • Reflectors
  • Turn Signals
  • Inverted Fork


Control Center

  • 3.5″ Color Display
  • Mirrors & Horn
  • Thumb Throttle


Side View

  • 33″ Seat Height
  • MASSIVE 60 tooth front gear allows 30mph+ pedaling. 
  • Shimano MF-TZ500-7 freewhel
  • 7 Speed Tourney derailleur, critical for easy pedaling in a break down/zero charge situation. 
  • Rear shocks use standard motorcycle dimensions for easy swapping CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLES
  • Foot pegs for passengers


  • Lightweight Aluminum
  • Uses 1.25 and 1.5″ tubing for easy clamp on customization
  • Extra space in lower control box for customization



  • The Bandit meets all 50 USA states guidelines for a motor driven cycle. Our 2 horsepower motor is equivalent to  the limit before requiring a motorcycle license in the majority of states.
  • We have registered the Bandit with ASME and have produced VIN plates that can be used for registration and insurance
  • Every bike comes with a bill of sale, a certificate of origin


  • 2 Horsepower 2,000 Watts Nominal/ 2,500 Watt Peak)
  • Maximum before motorcycle license is required in most states. Here is an example from Connecticut “You Must Register the Following…”
  • Custom Built Motor for Spark Cycleworks
  • Steel Gear Design developed in collaboration with NYHE company since 2013. Review patent and testing here.
  • Torque: 95nM 
  • Current Output 35A
  • (maximum for XT60 battery connectors)
  • Standalone Weight: 16 Pounds


  • 52V 25 ah 1,300 W-h
  • Removable and Lockable
  • Samsung Samsung 35E Cells
  • Standalone Weight: 17 Pounds

Rear View

  • Turn Signals (48volt)
  • Brake Lights (48volt)
  • Reflectors
  • 12.5″ Rear Shock

Ready for the Next Step?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Batteries Do You Use?

We use lithium ion cells packaged in a number of different standardized ebike battery housings. 

What is the Weight Capacity

We rate our bikes to 300lbs

I Broke Something, Now What?

No worries, we have parts and an engineering team that is here to help. We also use a majority standardized components in our designs. This makes them easy to work on at any bike shop.

I Need a Tuneup, Now What?

No problem, bring it to a normal bike shop. So long as there is no issue with the electronics, any bike shop will be able to tune up the brakes, shifting, and do simple tasks like flat tire replacements.

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