History of

Spark Cycleworks’s was officially founded by two mechanical engineers, Joe Gordon and Matt Schell in 2018. However, the story starts many years before…



In 1980, Joe gets hired as an engineer at Duracell, one of the world's leading battery manufacturers


Pressure Guages

In 1991, Joe starts a new company called Differential Pressure Plus. This company manufacturers a product he has design for the water and fuel filtration industry.


2WD Bike

While in High School, Matt works at a local bike shop for two years. In his senior year, he invents and builds a fully operational 2WD bike design.


An Internship

2009 Matt gets hired at Differential Pressure as a mechanical design intern. Over the next 4 years of college, he continues to work with Joe on modernizing the company



Upon graduation, Matt is hired at DPP full time. Joe soon begins working on a contract and Matt becomes co-owner of the company


A Mutual Passion

Over the next four years Joe and Matt realize a mutual interest in bikes and motorcycles. Joe creates a concept 3 wheel vehicle and buys his first electric bike. Matt purchases and repairs multiple motorcycles and bikes. They soon begin considering a new project.


A Spark

In 2018, Matt and Joe begin working on a new company. The gauge business is running smoothly and the duo decide it is time to consider using their knowledge to work on something new. Over the course of the year, they begin working on electric bike designs with a number of manufacturers around the world.


The Launch

Spark Cycleworks officially launches. The company starts with 10 bike designs and begins offering electric scooters. By summer of 2019, their line of electric mopeds will begin production.

About Spark Cycleworks

We are a small team of inventors, engineers, and graphic designers. All of which are major bike enthusiasts. The Spark brand works on developing new electric bikes for the industry that are not only beautiful, but are a blast to ride! The SPARK.x Lab works with outside creatives to inspire new ideas and make a product line that is truly unique. The Lab also serves as our testing grounds and allows customers to come try out any of our products.  


Spark Cycleworks’ Parent Company, Differential Pressure Plus, has been manufacutring pressure gauges in the USA for nearly 30 years. If you are interested, you can view their website at differentialpressure.com

Matt Schell

President, Rides the Spark Nomad

Joe Gordon

Chief Engineer, Rides the Spark Mountaineer